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Hello everybody,
this is a sensational opportunity
that I have been looking for for years to make money from !

I therefore ask you to read the following text carefully. Thanks !

When a friend and business partner told me about it, my first response was:
"Oh, just leave me alone with interest and compound interest !
It's no good and is doomed to failure before it even begins."
But then I followed his request to watch a short explanatory video about this business on YouTube.
Then, after incorrectly using the words interest and compound interest in the video Isaw,
the keyword arbitrage trading, which was crucial for me, came up.
Maybe you've heard of it before or, like me, have already worked with it successfully.
Arbitrage trading is a trading transaction in which you buy something at a low price,
but for which you already have a buyer who buys it at a significantly more expensive price.
In 2008 I subscribed to a list of betting shops with odds on football games.
So I then bet on three different results at three different betting offices.
e.g.: 1. FC Cologne against FC Bayern Munich
In betting office 1 I bet 100 EUR on a win for 1. FC Köln.
In Betting Office 2 I bet 100 EUR on a draw.
In Betting Office 3 I bet 100 EUR on a win for FC Bayern.
Because of logic and the different odds, I knew beforehand that I would lose on two of the bets
and win on one, and how much.
Based on the odds, I already knew that no matter which of my three bets won,
the profit would be higher than the loss of the other two bets.
This is arbitrage trading. It has nothing to do with interest and compound interest,
but with yields and the exponentiation of yields !
Interest is created out of nothing and yields are generated and earned from real assets.
A used car dealer does the same thing when he buys our old car.
At that moment he knows exactly that he can sell it for significantly more.
After I saw the video in German,
I then called that friend and told him the following:
"Hey, that's exactly what I've been looking for for years
because I made a lot of money using the same principle years ago!"
Here is an English explanation video :
He then gave me additional information about this cryptocurrency business
that the company has existed since 2017
and just last November they received a license extension from the Washington state regulatory authority,
which is quite strict in this regard.
Of course, this created further confidence,
but at that point I just wanted to open an account and make my first investments as quickly as possible. ASAP !!!
I then asked him for his reflink and registered my own account with DCPTG on February 15, 2024.
On 17th, I had already ten accounts in my downline.
Currently, the best and cheapest way to invest USDT in the DCPTG arbitrage system is the Bitget crypto exchange.
A transfer of 100 USDT costs only 1 USDT.
In order to actually receive 100 USDT, it is important to enter 101 USDT in the withdrawal field at Bitget.
Make sure to use the TRC 20 Tron network.
Here is the link if you would like to register there: https://www.bitget.com
Then please enter the following ref code in the “referred by” field: ET21JW1M
Registration is a bit more complicated, but in the end it went pretty quickly for me.
Another good option to easily and cheaply exchange large sums of FIAT currencies into cryptocurrencies
and back is the service provider Shifter.
If you would like to know how much yield will be generated after a certain number of days,
I have created an Excel table.
As an example, I have investments of 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2500 or 5000 USDT
with 2%, 2.5%, 3%, 3.5%, 4%, 4.5% and 5%.
I also printed the example of 100 USDT with 2% for a whole year as a PDF file.

Starting on the forst day you have invested at least 100 USDT
they give you a daily yield of 2% up to 5%.
It's totally up to you if you only use it as an investment for yourself
or if you create a donwline and earn every day some percentage from their daily ernings as well.

This is my Reflink for you to register for free :
Use your mobile phone to register.
That*s easier and after registration directly download the App.
You can also downlaod the App from : https://down.dcptg.com
This is my invitation code : WV1R93

Now register your own account with just your mobile number and a password.

So now have fun and success when registering and earning !
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