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5B ads

5B Advertisements

We can help you in several ways and with your consent we can also post your ads from your computer to your 5B profile through our computer.
Our eBooks have the clear advantage that they are your own product and that you are independent of any Affiliate Partners !
With any Affiliate Program you are dependent on the vendors and have absolutely no influence if they change anything. As we already know from the bad experience of many 5B "ad colleagues" with some Affliliates, they like to change the prices and also the commissions. Thus, they disqualify themselves for use at 5B !!!!
This can happen to you with any other Affiliate Provider as well !!!!
With your eBook it is completely different and much better, because you own the eBook, the landing page, the download page and also the resale rights. So you have ensured that both your selling price stated at 5B and your earnings remain the same. It doesn't matter if 5B really only needs 90 days to deliver the guaranteed sales, as it was originally intended, or if they now need twice as long.
The total revenue is also your earnings.
If you sell an eBook for $25, then the $25 is also your earnings !
Your customers can read the eBook or use it in another way. They can resell it just as they bought it from you, because you also sell them the resell rights.
Since 5B delivers guaranteed sales, even the issue is absolutely secondary.
A note regarding cookies is also set, of course, because 5B requires it that way. In addition all our eBook packages includes a seperate page for contact, disclaimer, privacy and terms. So we fullfil all 5B requirements for GTS ads !
Price per ad                                     
10 EUR = consultation ( discuss and select eBook )                
50 EUR = set advertisement at 5B                    
incl. = eBook with Landing Page, Download Page and reseller rights
incl. = Hosting for all eBooks with websites
incl. = creating Paypal Pay Button or better Stripe Pay Banner

25 EUR = creation of a merchant account at the payment processor Stripe ( one-time payment / as many ads as you want )
incl. = pay banner creation ( unlimited number of ads at 5B )
25 EUR = 5B set contract plan

PS :
Due to our own extremely bad experience with PayPal, we strongly recommend using Stripe as your payment processor !
With Stripe, customers can pay by debit card / credit card, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay or other local systems, such as Sofort Pay.

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